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Monday, 19 December 2011


Ever trusted before? Ever being trusted before? Been trusted back by someone we trust comes with a very good feeling. When you truly trust someone, you are opening your heart to that one. At this time, you are very vulnerable for any kind of emotional attack. This is why communication is very important in every relationship. To an extent, it is more important than sex in a relationship. With communication, locked doors get open. Communication can only occur between two willing and open minds. This is why it’s quite difficult. It becomes very difficult when one mind is closed....with open minds, you can get past many problems that will arise in a relationship. Bear in mind that a little bit of controversy is quite necessary in a relationship. Therefore, one should be glad that there’s quarrel in a relationship. It helps us in knowing another part of our partner and also ourselves..When we open our minds to another, only then will we offer this part of us. But when we are forced into silence, we create a gap...we begin to build walls. ..If within time we still do not voice our disappointments, the walls/gap becomes wider.
Communication can only work when selfishness is absent. If your partner misunderstands you and you are aware of this, it is your responsibility to make him/her understand. Be aware that you can only do this with care and in a loving manner. Get him/her to open that door. It is much better when you don’t give room to communication gap i.e. do not let things get out of hand before taking action(with love of course).
If you find it difficult expressing your feelings/disappointments face to face, then try writing it down. Yes, there’s power in writing. When you write your thoughts down, you do so without fear and interruption. On the other hand, if you have made the mistake of not taking action when you were meant to and a gap seems to have developed, do not give not run away because you could be running from a partner that could very well be the best thing that ever happened to you. To stay and fight and trust that your partner will understand your troubles is a sign of courage and one that will be greatly respected.
A good, strong relationship will endure most any mistake made by any humans long as both partners are willing and honest with each other.....Good luck. 2 3
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